Alfa Romeo Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Alfa Romeo is one of the best Italian car makers, known for producing stylish and classy cars, as well as for having an intriguing Alfa Romeo car logo meaning. Founded in 1910 in Milan, Italy, the company operated as A.L.F.A. until 1920 when the first car bearing the Alfa Romeo logo was introduced. The company had already produced a few other models, but the Torpedo 20/30HP was the one that opened up a new page in the Alfa Romeo car company history book. Car brands take pride in their symbols and names derived from their history or their vision for the future, but not many succeeded the way Alfa Romeo made it.

For the last 106 years, the Alfa Romeo automobile company has been responsible for some of the most valuable sports and race cars, but there are also many more reasons why car enthusiasts love Alfa Romeo models. The brand enjoys strong success all around the world, but of all the car logos out there, Alfa Romeo has the weirdest and most bizarre emblem. If you look closely, you will see that the emblem is split in half: on the left, there is a red cross that symbolizes the days of the First Crusade, while on the right, there is a big snake with a crown that is eating a man. While both halves seem to be far from Alfa's story, there is more to know.

The Alfa Romeo logo could be the least changed logo in the century, with the main elements remaining untouched and only few minor changes made, concerning colors and font. But what does this logo with two completely different halves represent? On the left side, there is a red cross on a white background. It dates back to the Crusade times, when soldiers in Milan carried shields with a red cross to symbolize they are followers of Giovanni of Rho. Therefore, the cross is used to honor the hometown, Milan.

The more intriguing story of the Alfa Romeo symbol is on the right half. The big snake that is eating a man is known as “Biscione”, which was a symbol of the House of Visconti. However, there are several stories about where the serpent comes from. The best known story is that in a lake near Milan, there was a snake, polluting the lake with its venom and terrorizing the city by eating children alive. However, it is believed that Ottone Visconti, the founder of the family Visconti, ended the terror by killing the dragon-like snake. As anyone would guess, this story is widely suspected to be made up.

Whether it really has one of the coolest origins or it is just a made up story, the Alfa Romeo logo is one of the most recognizable car logos. Covered with a strong historical background and powerful elements, the symbol suits the class, excellence and elegance of all Alfa Romeo car models. It takes a round shape to feature the red cross on left and the crowned hungry snake on right, outlined with gold color. The crown on the snake's head symbolizes the racing domination of Alfa Romeo. Above the two halves, the Alfa Romeo symbol features the brand name with luxurious golden.

Alfa Romeo Slogan: Power For Your Control.

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