Aston Martin Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Finding the iconic Aston Martin logo we know today was not that easy, as the brand has put its emblem through a series of major changes. Founded in 1916 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford as a car manufacturer of grand tourers and luxury sports cars. The first Aston Martin logo was very simple; the black letters A and M merged into a golden circle. Needless to say, the logo had no meaning. After all those years of innovation, improvements, popularity increase and even logo changes, the Aston Martin car logo meaning is still missing.

The Aston Martin car company history is filled with various difficulties, from financial issues during the WWI to ownership changes. Despite all that, Aston Martin has managed to get its brand in an elite company with the world's top automobile car makers. The founders of Aston Martin got the idea of creating their own vehicle for races while racing at Aston Hills, the UK. After few years of designing and hard work, they made their first car, which was missing a brand name. So, they took “Aston” out of Aston Hills and “Martin” out of Lionel's last name to come up with the catchy name – Aston Martin. Soon afterwards, they wanted to begin mass production, but the WWI conditions prevented them from doing so.

The company's sales have increased the most when David Brown took control over the prestigious brand in 1947. He was the one responsible for the company to start with production of elite touring cars, which turned out to be one of the best decisions. The Aston Martin DB5 made appearance in James Bond “Goldfinger” and got the attention Aston Martin expected. Since 1964, Aston Martin car models have become a must for the James Bond movies, as the brand has established a strong connection with James Bond series.

The British sports brand may not have inspired car enthusiasts with a mysterious story regarding its logo, but it has certainly did that with some fascinating Aston Martin models. In the beginning, Aston Martin was focused on producing fast cars, both for street and races. Today, the Aston Martin automobile company manufactures some of the world's best sports and luxurious cars, characterized by a captivating design and incredible speed, as well as eye-catching logo.

In 1927, the company included the iconic wings for the first time on its logo. Supposedly, they got inspired from the Bentley logo and did a creative matching of the wings with the letters Aston Martin. However, many disagreed with that information and believed that the Aston Martin logo wings represent a scarab beetle from Egyptology instead.

Even though Aston Martin celebrated its 100 anniversary in 2013, the iconic winged-logo is worn by Aston Martin car models since 1927 when the wings were first included. Now, the symbol has the brand's white letters put on a green rectangular background, which is on top of the famous wings. The colors Aston Martin symbol uses symbolize elegance, class, excellence and prestige. The current Aston Martin logo is result of the fourth evolution of AM logos, adjusted to fit the modern taste of this generation.

Aston Martin Slogan: Power, beauty and soul

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