Audi Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

The perfect car with the Audi logo missing is like a yin without its yang, hence the Audi car logo meaning is bound to be forever a sign of car features on a level simply sublime. While many car enthusiasts wonder what is the big mystery of the 4 circles of the Audi logo, it is quite simple – the four rings, each linked to another, represent the four founding companies: Horch, Wanderer, DKW and Audi. Soon after the merging, Audi found its place among the biggest and most successful car manufacturers in Germany, and not long after in the world as well. Today, Audi is a part of the popular Volkswagen Group and has its headquarters in Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany.

The Audi made cars are designed and manufactured in total of 9 production facilities all over the world. The four-rings can be found on some of the most elegant, sports, sophisticated and latest technology equipped car models on the market. The Audi car company history is quite straightforward. One of the founders of the automobile company Audi is August Horch, known as a pioneer of the German car industry. After he has faced financial difficulties with his company, “A. Horch & Cie”, he founded a new car company and since he couldn't use the old name, he needed to choose a new name for his company. Horch only translated his last name to Latin and the newly named Audi automobile company was born.

In the early 1920s, Audi became known as the first car maker to produce cars designed for driving on the left, providing a better visibility over the road and other road participants, the rest is history. The popular four interlocking rings are being included on Audi car models since 1932, when the four car brands joined their forces. Although operating under same brand and wearing the same logo, each one has its own market segment: Audi – luxury car market, DKW – small cars and motorcycles, Wanderer – mid-size cars and Horch – smaller and cheaper cars than it used to produce.

After a lot of Audi logos that usually included silver rings and red letters, the current and probably the best Audi logo ever was designed. Since 2009, the Audi symbol comes with an ultra sleek silver color silver, which ideally fits the Audi cars description: light in weight and intimidating on the road. Sometimes accompanied by red letters “Audi” underneath the rings, it is a very attractive symbol that suits the Audi models great. With the simple logo design it bears, Audi has been able to maintain its reputation linked to that logo.

One of the most famous Audi slogans is “At the forefront of technology” and it surely lives up for it. Audi cars are widely known for their incredible performance, innovation, durability and of course, use of latest technology. Whether it is the simplicity of the Audi logo or the luxurious design of the four interlocking circles, everyone can agree that one can easily and immediately associate it with the famous German car maker. Year after year, Audi maintains its reputation, just as simple as its logo.

Audi Slogan: Progress through Technology

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