Bentley Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Stylish, attractive and luxurious, Bentley logo is one of the best car logos that has ever been put on a hood. The Bentley car logo meaning is greater than the obvious “B” that stands for Bentley, yet the design is what attracts car enthusiasts all over the world. The British car maker was founded back in 1919 by the Bentley brothers and has been building worldwide reputation on prestige and luxurious Bentley car models ever since. Not many classic and luxurious car manufacturers have been able to maintain their reputation through all these years, but Bentley made it.

The first car to ever bear the winged Bentley logo was introduced a year after the company was established in London. Durable and designed to take on tough road conditions, the Bentley EXP 1 competed in hill climbs and various races, including races at the Britain's popular circuit Brooklands. The first major event in which Bentley participated was the Indianapolis 500 in 1922, although its racer, Douglas Hawkes, finished 13th. The racing Bentley car models dominated Le Mans, the world's oldest car racing event, from its first participation in 1924 to 1930, only to be back in top in 2003 for another win. In a pursuit of both performance and luxury, Bentley has soon started to enrich its racing car line up with other Bentley models than racing cars, which also resulted in more Bentley slogans and more creative advertisement marketing.

Bentley is today associated with sleek, modern, luxurious, expensive and sophisticated cars offering a lot of power and speed, meant for people with refined taste in cars. The visions of the founder W. O. Bentley are still guidance of the company and it is still one of the best British luxury sports car makers, putting its iconic symbol on some of the world's highest selling cars. Owned by Volkswagen Group since 1998 and located in Crewe, England, the Bentley automobile company has a history full of ownership changes, but the Bentley logo has remained almost the same through all the years.

In the Bentley car company history books, the symbol stands as the letter “B” over the iconic wings from the very beginning. Bentley used to manufacture aircraft engines during the World War I, which explains the company's inspiration to use wings on their logo. The meaning of the B is of course obvious, but the font, color and style never cease to amaze. However, Bentley uses variations of its iconic logo on different car versions. For example, Derby cars feature ten feathers on left and eleven on right, while the classic old-timers use 13 with 14.

The Bentley logo is simply terrific: a letter “B” in the middle with two wings. The brand has kept its classical design through all of the years, yet it made it a bit more sophisticated so and popular among both female and male drivers. Although there were many minor modifications on the Bentley symbol, significant changes have never been made. Bentley relies on its classic car logo, which symbolizes speed and power. The colors and number of feathers vary from model to model, but the most common combination on Bentley models today is ten-eleven feathers and silver color, which symbolizes excellence.

Bentley Slogan: Always Lead, Never Follow

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