BMW Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

The BMW logo is one of the most recognizable car logos in the world, but the BMW car logo meaning is often misunderstood. Providing innovation and reliability with every car model for a whole century has firmly secured the reputable German car maker among the best in the world. BMW comes from the company's full name – Bayerische Motoren Werke, which initially was an aircraft engines manufacturer. During the WWI, today's popular car company was manufacturing aircraft engines for military purposes and it was again scoring high among its competitors.

After the WWI, BMW stopped the aircraft engines production and entered the motorcycle and automobile market. Since this meant a new beginning for the company, it was the right time for a new logo, time for designing the first version of today's iconic BMW logo. The extensive BMW car company history is a common car enthusiasts discussion. A whole book of 100+ pages could be written of nothing but BMW slogans. However, BMW car models fit best to the current slogan: “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Despite the many changes, the BMW logo stands as one of the few things that barely changed during a century of successful management.

The blue/white circle today can be found on all kinds of vehicles, from small and everyday motorcycles to luxurious cars and heavy-duty performers. There is a common belief that it represents a spinning propeller with a blue sky in the background, but that is more myth than truth. Since it is illegal to use national symbols in a trademark, the BMW automobile company used the blue and white quadrants in an opposed order. Taking the fact that the BMW automobile company was an aircraft engines manufacturer into account clarifies why many people over the world believe that the current logo is a spinning propeller. But it is far from the truth, as people from BMW explain in various occasions.

The first automobile that had the honor of bearing the company's new logo was the BMW Dixi. It featured gold letters and its size varied. In 1933, this version of this logo appeared in the German Register of Trademarks. But soon afterwards, the iconic blue and color quadrants were introduced and all other variations of the logo became useless. The colors of today's BMW logo symbolize the Bavarian Free State. It is made of 2 blue and 2 white quadrants, forming a circle and bordered in black. The silver letters BMW are found just above the quadrants inside a black ring, giving the logo a dynamic and sleek look.

Not only does BMW have one of the most discussed and most recognizable logos in the history of car logos, but the German car maker is among the top 5 successful manufacturers of luxurious automobiles. Also, the fascinating BMW made motorcycles are dominating the motorcycle market these days. With a yearly output of over 2 million of BMW models and over 120,000 of motorcycles bearing the iconic BMW symbol, it is safe to say that BMW will soon become a synonym for world's best vehicle manufacturer.

BMW Slogan: The Ultimate Driving Machine

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