Bugatti Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

The symbolic Bugatti car logo meaning and the fact that the Bugatti logo has never been changed simply make it one of the best car logos in the automobile history. Bugatti provided some of the most powerful, fastest and most luxurious cars on the international market, but unfortunately, it operated independently only from 1909 to 1963. In 1963, Hispano-Suiza bought the rights of Bugatti automobile company and stopped manufacturing cars and continued manufacturing airplane parts instead. Since 1998, Bugatti is completely owned by the Volkswagen Group and operates as its subsidiary, again oriented on fast and luxurious cars. Even as a subsidiary, Bugatti still follows the path of its founder Ettore Bugatti, which is manufacturing the best looking and fastest cars in its class.

The founder Ettore Bugatti was born and raised in Milan to an artistic family. He showed a passion for automobiles at his early age and started building car prototypes as a young and ambitious teenager. Ettore's passion and talent were soon noticed by a famous German family, De Dietrich, and he started designing cars for De Dietrich. Few years later, Ettore formed a joint venture with a French businessman Emile Mathis. Finally, in 1909, the first page of Bugatti car company history was opened. It was headquartered in Molsheim, a German town that later became part of France.

Ettore Bugatti designed some of the best Grand Prix racing cars of all time. As soon as he turned 19, Ettore put his name behind a gold-medal winning car, but that car belonged to Baron de Dietrich. The first car to ever bear the Bugatti logo was the Type 13, a model designed especially for races. The next models of Bugatti were Type 22 and Type 23, which offered a little bit more speed and power. After the WWI and before the WWII, Bugatti made sure their success in races will never be repeated by other brands. The Bugatti Type 35 is definitely the most successful racing car model of all time, as it has earned about 2,000 golden medals and inspired a plenty of Bugatti slogans and other promotional material.

The birth of the iconic Bugatti symbol came about thanks to the father of Ettore in the founding year. The talented founder was looking for a symbolic and meaningful logo that will suit all Bugatti models: luxurious, stylish and elegant. To do so, he turned to his father, Carlo Bugatti, who was a famous designer in his hometown. Carlo chose a red oval figure to put his son's initials with black letters just above the white letters of the brand's name. On a white bordering, Carlo put 60 red dots and they are related to two different theories.

The first theory suggests the Bugatti's specific attention on details and elegance of each car. The second theory explains that the red dots (or pearls, as many refer them as) stand for safety wires. The colors are also chosen wisely; the red symbolizes passion and power of Bugatti car models, while the black elements symbolizes excellence. However, the Bugatti logo did a great job in building brand identity and making the company easily recognized all around the world.

Bugatti Slogan: Drive Fast.

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