Cadillac Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Many a time has the world seen the Cadillac logo altering its gown, but the Cadillac car logo meaning still remains utterly profound. Cadillac has seen its logo in many different styles, with constant adding and removal of elements, while retaining its coats of arms always in focus. Founded in 1902 by Henry Martyn Leland, Cadillac is among the oldest American car manufacturers and its constant innovation and customer-satisfying factor has made it one of the world's most successful manufacturers. The brand is known by designing some of the strongest and most powerful sports cars, for coming up with creative Cadillac slogans and for the desire to change its logo quite often.

The luxurious Cadillac automobile company had played an important part in the development of its automotive segment, especially over the last two decades. In 1909, the brand's rights were bought by General Motors that kept its original Cadillac symbol: a crowned elegant crest featuring coats of arms and the letters “La Mothe Cadillac” written below, while all elements surrounded by a laurel wreath. Just as Cadillac, La Mothe comes from the founder's ancestor, whose full name was Le Sieur Antoine Laumet de La Mothe Cadillac. Along with the brand's name, that hasn't been changed through all of the years, is the main element of the ever-changing Cadillac logo: those mysterious coats of arms.

There are a number of stories regarding the origins of the Cadillac symbol, especially regarding the coats of arms. The most common end point of all those researches and sources is that the coats of arms belonged to the man who founded Detroit in 1701 – Le Mothe Cadillac. However, there is another popular story that connects the coats of arms with a French Royalty from Toulouse. Yet, the truth remains a big, undiscovered mystery, making the Cadillac car company history intriguing.

While Cadillac has been basing its logo on the main element of heraldry for decades, it has finally changed the contents of its crest logo. One of the most important elements of the Cadillac logo, the laurel wreath, is finally gone for good of all Cadillac models since 2014, after being in-and-out every now and then. In 1999, the brand got rid of the crown and the ducks and its emblem instantly got a cleaner, sleeker and more elegant look. However, the loss of the laurel wreath, the ducks and the crown brought cheer to no one, since Cadillac's iconic crest is among the most commonly changed logos in the history.

The current Cadillac logo has not only lost a few important elements, but it has also become wider and flatter. Wreath-less and sleeker, the emblem became a better suit for all Cadillac car models. The iconic Cadillac crest is one of the brand's core values, since it played a quite important role in making it recognizable around the world. The colors have survived Cadillac's winds of changes: gold, black, blue, red and silver. Even though Cadillac made a lot of logo changes in the history, the famous Cadillac symbol is still one of the most recognizable car logos of all time.

Cadillac Slogan: Creating a Higher Standard.

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