Chrysler Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

The Chrysler logo has been completely changed several times in the company's history, so there is not one Chrysler car logo meaning, but few. Founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler, Chrysler is one of the most popular American car brands and is known for its constant innovations and advanced technologies, as well as for its frequent logo changes. However, each Chrysler symbol has been designed with attention paid on details, in order to ideally reflect the value and quality of Chrysler car models.

In 1924, Walter Chrysler and his team of skillful engineers produced a 6-cylinder car with many innovative features for that time, coming along with an attractive price tag. The car was very popular and brought an immediate success. One of Chrysler's engineers, Oliver Clark, is responsible for creating the first two logos of Chrysler, which years later became legendary among car enthusiasts. The so-called original Chrysler logo uses a shape of a round medallion with a ribbon attached on it, bearing the brand's name. The idea of Clark was to symbolize quality via winning a ribbon as an award, as well as to convey the value of integrity prized by many car makers. Above and below “CHRYSLER”, there are two red parts that include thunderbolts inside, which are actually “Z”s and stand as a tribute to the chief engineer Fred Zeder.

The second logo designed by Clark was even more attractive and still fascinates the generations who lived in that time. When designing the radiator cap for the iconic Chrysler Six, he came up with an idea to put wings on the Chrysler emblem and color them in silver. He got inspired from the Roman mythology, or more exactly, from the god Mercury, so the wings symbolized speed. In 1955, Chrysler presented the Forward Look logo; two overlapped boomerang-shaped objects pointed forward to the brand's future. After this logo, the company used a variety of stylized coats of arms in combination with the original Chrysler logo.

The most popular of all, the Chrysler Pentastar emblem, has not been included on Chrysler models, but it was widely used as a corporate logo. However, Chrysler used the Pentastar to decorate the hoods of few Chrysler car models. The Pentastar also inspired a variety of Chrysler slogans, lots of advertisements, promotional brochures, etc., and so helped the brand in expansion to the international car market. The iconic blue Pentastar was retired in 1998, only to be relaunched in 2007. But in 2014, the Chrysler automobile company replaced its iconic Pentastar with the letters “FCA” for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Despite many fans signed petitions on social media networks in efforts to get the Pentastar back, Chrysler made a decision to stop using it. The current logo of Chrysler is sleeker and more appealing than ever, featuring modernized and elegant silver wings with the brand's name in white color in the middle on a blue background. The wings date back from the very roots of the Chrysler car company history, while the original circle-shaped logo is replaced with stylized “Chrysler”.

Chrysler Slogan: America's Import.

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