Ferrari Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

The iconic Ferrari logo can be found on the hoods of some of the best luxury sports car models in the world. However, most drivers behind the steering wheel of Ferrari models do not know the original Ferrari car logo meaning and how was the logo created. There is no car enthusiast who doesn't dream of getting into a shiny red Ferrari, stepping the gas pedal, listening its unique exhaust sound and enjoy the super-speed. Ferrari, “the red dream” of many, is definitely among the world's top sports, luxurious and fastest car makers, as well as most expensive. But given the fact that no Ferrari owner has ever complained, it's safe to assume that it is worth it.

Enzo Ferrari founded the Ferrari automobile company in 1939 in Modena, Italy, after a few years of working for other companies that were dealing with race cars. Before the production of Ferrari car models, the company, then known as Scuderia Ferrari, sponsored race car drivers of Alfa Romeos. Mr Enzo stayed with them for 10 years and soon after he got employed in the racing department of Alfa Romeo, he found out that Alfa Romeo's plan is to absorb his company, leaving him with no other options than leaving. However, his contract clause kept him away from any racing activity for a few years. After the break, Enzo Ferrari got back and put the legendary Ferrari symbol on the first road car – the 125 Sport. With a V12 1.5l engine and captivating design, the car was extremely popular in that time.

In the beginning, the Ferrari automobile company used to produce race cars, but today Ferrari manufactures street-legal cars. The Italian car maker produces various Ferrari car models, including hybrid cars, concept cars, super cars, race cars, bio-fuel cars and road cars. The legendary Ferrari symbol holds an interesting story. Inspired by Count Francesco Baracca, the top fighter ace of Italian Air Force during the WWI, the Ferrari logo's black horse honors Baracca and the canary yellow background represents the colors of Baracca’s birthplace Modena. Also, the logo of Ferrari features the Italian national colors on top.

Initially believed to symbolize power and speed, the horse has a much deeper meaning for the brand. It was included on every wing of Baracca's planes. After his mysterious death, he turned into a national hero, because of his many victorious flights. When asked about the logo, Enzo Ferrari explained the connection between his car logo with the Baracca's symbol. Few years after his death, Enzo met his father and mother. Baracca's mother was the one to give him the idea of putting the hopping horse on his cars for success and luck. Enzo loved the idea and so colored the horse in black, put it in front of a yellow background which symbolizes his city's color and created brand's identity.

The Ferrari car company history is full of countless successes, plenty of Ferrari slogans, won car races, but the biggest success of all is the iconic logo, which hasn't been changed much and serves its purpose very well. The current Ferrari logo includes the letters “Ferrari” under the horse and features the Italy's national colors on top: green, white and red. The font is just as stylish as any Ferrari made car.

Ferrari Slogan: Let The Good Times Roll.

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