Ford Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Ford is one of the leading American car manufacturers and uses a simple blue Ford logo to represent its models internationally, while the Ford car logo meaning is usually related to a false theory. The company is founded in 1903 by a man who had a vision like no one else have ever had. That man is no other than Henry Ford and his idea allowed him to revolutionize the whole automobile industry. In that time, people had no idea that they can use a machine with tires for transportation instead of horses and buggies. Henry Ford was the first to realize the idea of a machine on tires and so in 1903, he set the course of the American auto industry in a direction that will lead to manufacturing some of the most powerful cars in the world.

Henry Ford, one of the America's most important industrialists, established the Ford Motor Company and from 1903 to 1908, the company presented about 8 different Ford car models, most of which sold in thousands pieces in a year. In 1908, the company introduced the iconic Ford Model T, which was sold in millions and saw the company with 100% gain. But in the first page of the Ford car company history book, there is a completely different logo than today's. The first Ford logo implemented a circle shape and looked like a picture of a post-credit scene in a movie from that age.

The legendary Mustang, Falcon, Galaxie and Thunderbird from the 1960s bore a logo that is quite similar to the current Ford symbol. After presenting the first version of today's logo in 1928, which was simple, oval-shaped and transparent, it didn't take long for the Ford automobile company to color its symbol in blue. Ford made itself well-known by its iconic royal blue color detail included on the hoods of all Ford models. Before Ford came up with the today's elegant logo, the company used a really bizarre logo in an odd shape for two decades. Luckily, it was not included on cars, but only used for company communications.

Just as Ford car models evolved in number of ways in order to accommodate the requirements of today's conditions and drivers' preferences, the Ford slogans and Ford logo have also gone through drastic changes over the years. The logo of Ford we all know was designed in 1976 and is known as “Centennial Blue Oval” since 2003, when it was updated in honor of its 100 years of existence. The general belief is that it uses Mr Ford's handwriting, but that's not true. The creator of Ford logo is Harold Wills, Ford's first chief designed and engineer. Mr Wills borrowed his own printing set and stylish font to create this iconic Ford symbol.

Elegant, stylish and recognizable, the Ford logo definitely takes a place among the world's most popular logos. Ford implemented the oval shape to advertise the brand as the hallmark for economy and reliability, while the blue color symbolizes both excellence and strength and the white color elegance and purity. The blue Ford badge does a great job of providing consistent and recognizable branding for Ford cars and other products all around the world.

Ford Slogan: Built Ford Tough.

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