Honda Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Founded in 1948, Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer that has been building brand identity on a winged Honda logo ever since. The Honda car logo meaning is beyond popular, because the logo looks very simple and signals what it stands for right away. However, it serves the purpose for building the brand’s identity perfectly right from the start. From a small ambitious engines maker to the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer and reliable power equipment, Honda is one of the most versatile car makers on the market. The founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda, showed interest in cars and everything related with the automobile manufacturing industry and mechanics in his early childhood. At the age of 42, the gifted engineer and industrialist finally seized his natural talent to establish his own auto producing company.

From a small company for manufacturing bicycle motors to becoming one of the most popular Japanese car and motorcycle manufacturers, the Honda car company history paved its way towards success. After the World War II, Honda established a small motorbike company that turned out to be today’s largest motorcycle manufacturer ever since 1959. Due to the great initial success of Honda motorcycles, the brand established a strong market presence and was already building identity on its Honda logo. Honda is also the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in terms of volume, manufacturing over 14 million of pieces in a year. In 2001, Honda was the 2nd car manufacturer by vehicles production.

The main reason for the increasing popularity of Honda car models was their lower prices compared to other brands and great value for money. The combination of low price and car efficiency has taken the car world by storm and Honda made the initial steps in exporting Honda models to other countries. The brand has always been focused on fuel economy and safety features, which today are very important to the customers. Soon after its expansion, the Honda automobile company has become a synonym for innovation, low price and car efficiency. Combined with the latest technologies and advanced engineering, Honda is dominating the automotive world.

The attractive logo can be found on a variety of Honda car models. Although the current Honda logo seems to be the simplest car logo of all, it is also an appealing hood feature and is quite popular. The Honda symbol features an alluring “H” in silver-gray metallic color in Roman style. The brand’s letters written underneath the “H” come in a bold font, which symbolizes durability and strength. Simple, yet elegant and stylish, the eye-catching Honda logo is one of the most recognizable car logos in the automotive world. It doesn’t only stands for the name of the brand and his founder Honda, but it also symbolizes excellence and confidence.

The iconic winged logo was first included on the hoods of Honda cars, but today it is exclusively used on Honda motorcycles. The meaning of this less known logo runs deeper than the car logo itself. It also represents an “H”, but with the addition of the popular wings, which as the founder explained, are inspired by the Greek goddess Nike and her wings. Honda, nevertheless, uses a different logo for each department. All they have in common is the main element - “H”.

Honda Slogan: The Power Of Dreams!

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