Hyundai Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Hyundai is a Korean car manufacturer that has its symbol alongside the world's most popular car manufacturers. While the Hyundai car company history begins in 1947, the company was established in 1967, when Hyundai set a goal of post-war industrialization in the country. In 1968, Hyundai along with Ford presented the worldwide popular Cortina and marked the beginning of its dominance in the automotive industry. As almost every other car brand, Hyundai uses a beautiful and symbolic logo to represent its name internationally. But does the simple logo of stylish italic letter “H” stands for more than just the first letter of the brand name?

Before becoming a car maker, the Hyundai automobile company operated as a small construction company for about 20 years. After the great success with the Ford Cortina, Hyundai hired skilled designers and engineers and started developing their own models, starting with the iconic Pony. It was the first car to be mass-produced and one of the first Hyundai car models to dominate both the domestic and international market. With more Hyundai models following soon, the company quickly became popular on a global level. Ever since its beginning, one of the world's youngest car makers was introducing Hyundai models that never failed to impress many car enthusiasts.

There is a popular belief that Hyundai stylized its “H” just so it would be different than the Honda logo, but that is not true. The “H” seems pretty straightforward, but it only seems. The Hyundai logo is easily recognizable, even though it is simple and not so artistic, at least at first glance. If you look more carefully, you will notice that the Hyundai logo is more than a stylish letter in an oval.

The true Hyundai car logo meaning is probably more special than any other; look the “H” closely and you can see two people shaking hands. One of them is a representative from Hyundai, while the other is (probably) a happy customer. The oval, nevertheless, symbolizes the Hyundai's future expansion plans in the world. No one would ever guess that the Hyundai symbol is something different than the eight alphabet letter. The stylized image of the shaking hands or the letter H is designed in a really incredible way and is put in an oval shape. The handshake is also believed to symbolize trust and satisfaction between Hyundai and its clients. Also, it's interesting that the “H” is actively slanted to the right.

Now when you know the meaning, the sleek silver Hyundai symbol is quite friendly. On cars, the logo uses an attractive silver color to symbolize the brand's sophistication and excellence, while on print or digitally, it comes in blue, symbolizing reliability, loyalty and trust. Thanks to its creative Hyundai slogans and other outstanding marketing efforts, the brand has come up as one of the leading names in the global market. The meaning of the Hyundai logo does not only effectively represent the brand all around the world, but it also implies what the brand stands for.

Hyundai Slogan: Prepare To Want One.

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