Jaguar Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

The big cat Jaguar logo represents one of the most popular and most successful British car makers. Jaguar is a familiar name in the automotive world, with an old and quite interesting history. Founded in 1922 under the name Swallow Sidecar Company, Jaguar was developing exceptionally fast and powerful cars, so it felt like a new name that symbolizes speed, quickness and strength will be a better fit. Needless to say, the Jaguar logo ideally fits the need, as it is a big animal known for its power, quickness, speed and rarity. The Jaguar car logo meaning is, of course, very simple and everyone can get it, especially if has ever held the steering wheel of a Jaguar.

The Jaguar car company history is overfilled with top-class Jaguar car models, characterized by their speed and prestige, but also with a plenty of ownership changes. The animal is probably not easy to be tamed. The first logo of the brand was finally replaced by the iconic jaguar in 1935. The first Jaguar symbol was included on the hood of the 2-seat sports car sedan – S.S. 100 Jaguar. With top speed of 100 mph, the car was really fast in its time. Following the success of this car, the brand developed many more and various Jaguar models bearing the leaping big cat.

In 1945, the “SS” was finally removed from the Jaguar logo because of political reasons, so the brand became known by the current name, Jaguar Cars. As the Jaguar automobile company explains, the birth of the logo was very naturally. Searching for a symbol to match the core values of Jaguar, power, elegance, style, performance, speed and ambition to move forward, only the intimidating Jaguar seem to reflect all qualities. The Jaguar symbol has been through major changes, in terms of shape, color and style, until its final update in 2012, which made it more elegant and stylish than ever.

One of the older logos of Jaguar was extensional and looked quite attractive, but it was soon replaced with a side-view of a jaguar with the letters spelled underneath, because of a change in pedestrian safety regulations. Some other logos featured the leaping big cat on round emblem with a red and silver background. However, the current logo is the best Jaguar logo ever, since it perfectly stands for everything the brand's cars do. Powerful, yet elegant, the graceful posture immediately gives an exact idea of Jaguar car models. The brand is also known for its great advertising efforts, in terms of ads and Jaguar slogans.

With vivid silver and grey metallic colors, the current Jaguar logo looks really attractive and luxurious. It is a tridimensional figure that uses gradient colors in order to highlight the shades of the logo, making the posture of the jaguar look animated and rich. The Jaguar symbol does not look just perfect on the hoods of Jaguars, but it is also an ideal representation of Jaguars: elegant, stylish, graceful and of course, as fast as a jaguar.

Jaguar Slogan: Don’t dream it. Drive it!

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