Mazda Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Mazda is a popular Japanese car maker that has built a worldwide reputation on great cars with the easily recognizable Mazda logo. The Mazda car company history begins in 1920, when it was founded as Toyo Cork Kogyo and used to manufacture machine tools for vehicles. In 1931, the company introduced its first three-wheel truck, Mazda-G, and its huge success inspired evolution of the brand. Even though the company called most of its automobiles Mazda, the brand name was finally changed to Mazda Motor Corporation in 1984. Despite having quite unique origins, there is no deep Mazda car logo meaning, only a few different stories about its different logos.

The first logo of Mazda automobile company dates back to 1934. There are two theories about the name “Mazda”: the first suggest that Mazda honors its founder with an Anglicized form of his last name Matsuda, and the other states that Mazda is derived from the god of light, wisdom and intelligence, named Ahura Mazda. The first Mazda symbol featured nothing but the brand's name in italic font and it was included on Mazda three-wheel trucks and later other Mazda models. In 1936, the Mazda logo was replaced with a new, more stylish, more attractive and with a deeper meaning, inspired by its hometown. The three simple lines that symbolized Hiroshima also formed the letter “M”, while its long wings stood for speed, agility and ability to rise up to new heights.

With start of the production of passenger cars, Mazda made a logo change and it was mostly included on the iconic Mazda R360. With often Mazda slogans and logo changes, the company was trying too hard to emphasize the beginning of a new era in its history, but it failed with the next car logo as well. From 1975 to 1991, Mazda suffered an identity crisis and had no official emblem, so it used a stylish form of its name as its logo. In 1991, when the company finally got inspired again, it created a logo that symbolized their passion for cars via sun and flame, but it looked a lot like Renault's logo. Therefore, a year after the release of this logo, a new version known as “the eternal flame” logo was released, but now smoother, with different colors and less similar to Renault.

Five years later, the iconic Mazda logo is born. In 1997, Mazda finally came up with the best logo ever put on Mazda car models. The logo features a winged letter “M” to strongly symbolize Mazda's ambitions for the future. The stylized letter is elegantly placed in an oval-shaped figure, both elements coming in silver color. Some people confuse the “M” with those simplified cartoon sketches of flying birds, but it has nothing to do with it.

Mazda logo is one of the most intriguing car logos, as it has got a lot of different meanings by the people. Some say that the letter “M” represents wings, symbolizing the flight towards the future of Mazda, while some others see letter “V” in the centre of the “M” and believe that it stands for flexibility, creativity and passion for cars. The dynamic circle of Mazda logo promises that the company will spread its wings wider in the 21st century.

Mazda Slogan: Passion For The Road.

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