Mercedes Benz Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Mercedes Benz is one of the most successful car makers in the world, known for producing some of the most durable, reliable and quality cars, as well as for having an iconic Mercedes Benz logo that has not been changed for over a century. Is it because the sleek three-pointed star in a circle is simply terrific or because of the Mercedes Benz car logo meaning? Most car makers change their logos every decade or so, struggling to establish a strong identity, but Mercedes Benz is not among those. Having an exceptional meaning and an appearing design, the Mercedes Benz logo has built a strong reputation on innovation, breakthrough engineering and tradition in the automotive world.

Before getting the current name Mercedes, the Mercedes Benz automobile company existed as Daimler-Benz Ag, coming from two merged companies. Paul and Adolf, sons of Gottlieb Daimler (founder of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft), found an old picture-postcard from their dead father sent to their mother in which he marked the location of his house in Germany with a three-pointed star. In addition of the postcard, he explained that one day, this star will shine over his prospective factory and bring success. Further enhanced with a blue color and few minor modification, this star became DMG's logo. At the same time, DMG's primary rival, Benz & Cie, changed its logo to a laurel wreath around the letters BENZ.

In an effort to deal with the economic crisis during the WWI, in 1926, DMG and Benz & Cie merged and became known by the name Daimler-Benz AG. Along with their names, the logos of both companies also combined perfectly; a laurel wreath around the iconic and now silver three-pointed star. A new German car maker was born and it immediately started dominating the automobile market. The newly merged company was highly successfully and the yearly production of Mercedes Benz models rose in the very first year. Soon the Mercedes Benz symbol secured the company a place among the leading car brands in the world.

In addition to the original Mercedes Benz car logo meaning, the famous logo also symbolizes the domination-plan of the brand on land, sea and air. Today, Mercedes Benz is manufacturing parts, accessories and vehicles for use on land, air and sea. However, Mercedes Benz is mostly known for its domination on the vehicle market, as the elegant three-pointed star is included on various Mercedes Benz car models, from luxurious cars to heavy-duty trucks, buses and coaches. Mercedes Benz made a fuss of innovation, time and time again, leaving the whole car world with eyes wide opened.

Over the brand's evolution of over a century, the brand's logo has been changed a few times, but the three-pointed star has always been the main element of the Mercedes Benz logo. The Mercedes Benz car company history is characterized by constant innovations and introduction of advanced technologies, just as one of the many Mercedes Benz slogans says, “Die Besten Oder Nicht!”, which means The Best or Nothing.

Mercedes Benz logo is a perfect example that a simple, but well-designed logo can achieve a great success in building identity.

Mercedes Benz Slogan: The best or nothing

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