Nissan Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

While under its first name Datsun the brand had sort of a logo meaning, the current Nissan car logo meaning is missing. Nissan is a worldwide popular Japanese car maker, holding a large market share in every country auto sales. The Nissan car company history begins in the distant 1911, when Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works was founded. Three years after it was founded, the company put its badge for the first time on a car, called DAT. After a few ownership and brand's name changes, the company was finally re-born in 1933 as Nissan.

Before getting the familiar Nissan logo, the company operated under the name Datsun. The birth of this name holds an interesting story. The company previously adopted its first car's name to become DAT Motors. DAT's first smaller car was named “Datson”, which, in other words, is the son of DAT. Few years later, “son” was replaced by “sun”, because in Japanese, son means loss. Since 1933, the company produces cars both under Datsun and Nissan brand. However, it is believed that Datsun created the utterly simple logo that soon became recognizable worldwide.

Nissan made its biggest breakthrough in the 1950s. The Nissan automobile company soon saw potential in Datsun small car on the high demanding markets, such as the U.S. and Australia. In 1950s, the Nissan logo started spreading its popularity outside Japan, as the company decided to distribute Nissan car models to the worldwide car market. What further increased the number of exported Nissan models on the American market was the energy crisis the U.S. was undergoing. The incredibly fuel-efficient cars bearing the simple Nissan symbol has encouraged the formation of American subsidiary of Nissan, Nissan USA. By 1985, the Datsun was completely removed from the Nissan logo and identity, only to be relaunched in 2013. During these years, the brand has come up with a lot of creative Nissan slogans. First, they started with “SHIFT_” and now, they are all based on innovation.

When Datsun was dropped out of Nissan's identity, Nissan used Datsun's original logo, now only bearing the Nissan name instead. The old Nissan logo combined a blue rectangular figure bearing the brand name with a red circle behind. The red circle is believed to symbolize the Japanese flag. In 1992, Nissan introduced a new, simpler, sleeker and a little more attractive logo, leaving the red-blue logo only in the Nissan car company history book. It kept the rectangular figure, but now in metallic silver and beautifully connected with the circle. When relaunched, the Datsun logo was also redesigned into a modern and more sophisticated version, but it kept the blue color.

The current logo of Nissan is indeed utterly simple, but it is also modern and stylish; a metallic silver circle with a metallic silver panel in the middle, still bearing the brand name. The silver color stands for perfection, modernism and sophistication. Over the years, many modifications have been made on the recognizable Nissan logo, but there were no major changes. Despite not having a popular or well-designed logo, Nissan has still earned a lot of reputation on its logo.

Nissan Slogan: Innovation That Excites.

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