Porsche Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Porsche logo is definitely one of the most attractive car logos, but have you ever asked yourself “What is the Porsche car logo meaning”? With a black horse on a golden background in the middle of a crest that clearly suggests power, this famous logo is inspiring the car enthusiasts to dig deep into the Internet and find its meaning. Ever since 1931, Porsche is putting its symbol on some of the best sports and fastest cars in the world. But that's not all; the reputable German car maker is also manufacturing sedans, SUVs, super cars, as well as hypercars. Ferdinand Porsche is the founder of the Porsche automobile company and the responsible person for all the success and fame the brand has gained.

The first ever Porsche that carried the iconic Porsche logo was equipped with the machinery of Volkswagen Beetle. That is because prior founding Porsche, Ferdinand worked at Volkswagen. In 1939, the first model “Porsche 64”, standing as the brightest point of the Porsche car company history, has marked a successful start of the newly founded company. The first sports car to bear the Porsche logo was the 356, designed by Ferdinand's son, Ferry Porsche. During the WWII, Porsche made a few models of tanks, including the popular Maus super-heavy tank. The close relationship with Volkswagen from the start has turned into an agreement, as today Volkswagen Group owns all Porsche car models bearing the iconic logo.

The popular Porsche symbol included on brand's hoods represents the free people's arms of Stuttgart, Württemberg. While the fact that Stuttgart was built on a farm could explain the black horse on the logo, many people believe that the black horse symbolizes the power and derivation of the city where it comes from. That along with Ferdinand's desire to create a powerful and dynamic identity has resulted into the logo we all know. Around the horse, there are black and red stripes and antlers, which are the symbols of the German region known as Württemberg. The name of the city, Stuttgart, is also included in the logo, located in the middle just above the horse. Lastly, big letters PORSCHE are put at the top of the powerful crest-shaped logo, beautifully completing the whole picture.

When it comes to the Porsche car logo meaning, the horse is certainly the most important element, whether it symbolizes the power of Porsche car models or the city's history. The red and black colors are accompanied by a perfect gold background, emphasizing the strength and power of the brand. Unlike many car brands, the Porsche logo remained almost the same as the first version from 1952. The main idea of this logo is to combine all the elements from the rich history of Baden-Württemberg region. Included on the hoods of millions of different Porsche models all over the world creates a firm identity that does not need any changes.

Today, Porsche cars are known for high performance engines, classic design, innovative technologies, great handling characteristics and, of course, the iconic logo. Since they have stood the test of time, these classics can be considered as the gold standard of the automotive world. As one of Porsche slogans suggests: There is no substitute!

Porsche Slogan: Full spectrum – full synergy

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