Subaru Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Unlike many others, the Subaru car logo meaning is certain and interesting, yet the car world sees the Subaru logo as completely ordinary. At first glance, the Subaru symbol may not ring any bells, but the six silver stars on a blue background run deeper than all the car world's assumptions. Founded in 1953, Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer that has built a huge reputation all over the world. Subaru is known to be the first car maker ever to use a Japanese word as a brand name and it has done it quite successfully by making it internationally popular. What people are most curious about Subaru is the six-stars logo, which perfectly fits to two related origins.

Subaru is a car manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), or more exactly, one of the five divisions of FHI. Five divisions, but six stars on the logo, that's what you're thinking? That's because the biggest star represents the parental company – FHI. That explains a lot, but there is more. The Subaru logo is also inspired by the famous star cluster “Pleiades”. In English, Subaru means “to gather together” or “to unite”. In Japanese, the word Subaru is given to the star cluster Pleiades M45, which consists 6 visible stars and 1 invisible star. Since they are nearest to the Earth, these stars are very easy to see in the Japanese sky with naked eye and travelers have been using them as guidance for decades.

While Pleiades constellation unites stars, Fuji Heavy Industries unites 5 companies that operate under 4 different divisions. In other words, Fuji Heavy Industries is a constellation of united companies. The first Subaru car to ever bear the Subaru symbol was the Subaru 1500. After overcoming the supplying issues in its beginning, Subaru has put its emblem on a variety of Subaru car models. Today, the Subaru automobile company is well known for exceptional all-wheel drive Subaru models, but its Impreza WRX is by far the most popular model. The sports Subaru made model is popular because of its many appearances in both Japanese and American movies, leaving the sports car enthusiasts in awe.

In the Subaru car company history, it is evident that the six hot blue stars have come a long way since their first design in 1953. The famous Subaru logo has its background color changed multiple times, as well as the positions and sizes of the stars, but they have always been the main element. Also, the brand used to change its Subaru slogans too often, in effort to advertise its way among the biggest car makers.

The company have been changing the stars' color from silver to gold and the background color from transparent to red and blue, until it finally came up with the perfect logo: 6 shiny silver stars on a blue background in an oval that comes in silver. One of the stars is bigger, moved to upper left, while the others well organized to the right side. Each star comes in different size and combined, they provide an incredibly elegant design.

Subaru Slogan: When You Get It, You Get It

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