Volvo Logo - History, Origin And Meaning

Volvo is one of the most successful car makers in the world and the Volvo logo is certainly among the most controversial and debatable car logos in the history. As people behind Volvo car models explain, the Volvo car logo meaning is pretty simple, but people still get it wrong. Supposedly, the controversial symbol is inspired by the planet Mars, the God of War, and it is not meant to symbolize the male gender. Yet, many people wonder why does the the popular Volvo automobile company use the male emblem as its logo to build identity on.

Founded in the early 1920s, the Swedish car maker has finally put the first Volvo symbol on a car model in 1927. Brand's exceptional focus on safety has made Volvo a synonym for safety. The prime idea of Volvo founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, was to find a logo that will represent strong image for their car models. The current Volvo logo fits their requirements ideally: the Mars symbol, symbolizing strength and the word Volvo in a unique Egyptian font with a blue panel behind.

Symbolizing powerful car line-up and inspiring trust in Volvo models, the much discussed Volvo logo is also an old symbol for one of the 7 metals of alchemy – iron, because it was a major product in Sweden. Iron Man could not be any more proud of Volvo. In addition to its strong logo meaning, Volvo has come up with a smart piece of naming. The word “Volvo”, which translated from Latin is “I roll”, is one of those words that can be easily pronounced in any country with no difficulties. This is a big plus for the brand and its worldwide presence and expansion plans.

From the very beginning of Volvo automobile company, the founders were striving to manufacture safe, reliable and durable Volvo car models, so they can keep the passengers safe on bad road conditions and during rough Swedish climate. These three firm guidelines have turned out to be the key to the success of Volvo and have earned the company a strong reputation. Volvo logo, nevertheless, has played an important part of building brand's identity. A simple circle with an arrow at the top right side, it is just as easy to remember as to pronounce. It comes in various silver and blue color-combinations, as these two have always been the company's colors.

In Volvo car company history, many different car models have worn the iconic logo. However, the first car to ever wear a Volvo logo is ÖV4. As its name suggests, it was equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and it was popular for some time. But driving a cabriolet in Sweden is not the best idea, so the company soon presented the same model, with only one difference now – a hardtop.

The Volvo car logo meaning fits perfectly in the philosophy of dominating the world in terms of transportation. Due to symbol's uniqueness, it is impossible to confuse the Volvo logo with any other logo. One of the Volvo slogans suggests “Volvo For Life” and according to current owners of Volvo made cars, it stands up for it.

Volvo Slogan: Volvo. For Life.

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